From Climate Strikes to Rebels Without Borders 

This fall, join Extinction Rebellion in taking bold action as part of a global and national movement to avert a climate collapse. Building on the powerful actions of Extinction Rebellion UK in April and ongoing inspiring grassroots movements of Indigenous, Black, Brown, Muslim and Jewish people - Extinction Rebellion US (XR US) is taking to the streets in September and October making the following demands!

We call on the U.S. Government to: declare a climate emergency, adopt climate change as a reason to grant asylum and to provide financial resources to poor and people of color communities who are on the frontline of climate disasters.

Schedule of Resistance

  • Sept 20-27 Week of Action: XR local groups will be participating in  the Global Youth Strike on the 20th and continuing with actions throughout the week

  • October 7th, Global Kick-Off of Rebels Without Borders actions in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York.

  • October 14 - 21st, in honor of Indigenous People’s Day, XR groups will amplify the voices of Indigenous Protectors and put a spotlight on the intersection of the climate emergency, Indigenous human rights and the migration crisis in the Americas.

For centuries, Indigenous people around the world have been leveraging their scientific and spiritual knowledge to lead the fight to protect the planet. Indigenous resistance to fossil fuel development in North America is growing but has received limited public attention.

As the climate emergency has been building throughout the Americas and world, Indigenous leaders are being murdered and thousands of poor, people of color and Indigenous people are being displaced by sea-level rise, deforestation, fossil fuel development, extreme weather, food insecurity and economic upheaval caused by the climate crisis. The cruel, unjust treatment of frontline communities and climate migrants fleeing to the United States is an outrageous, unacceptable response to a disaster which the US has played an outsized role in creating.   

Climate Reparations for Communities Inequitably Impacted by the Fossil Fuel Economy 

Climate injustice is an integral part of environmental injustice. For many years the denial and inaction of the U.S. and state governments have put economically vulnerable communities at unnecessary risk. Financial resources are needed now to prepare for the further crises that climate change will bring.

We call on the U.S. government to provide reparations to poor front-line communities to regenerate surrounding ecosystems, develop sustainable and equitable ways of living in harmony within these ecosystems and for coastal communities to move as the water rises.  

Climate Migration and U.S. Asylum Policies

XR US will highlight and educate about the connection between climate disasters, migration and Indigenous rights, while helping to end the migrant detention camps and pressure the government to declare a climate emergency.

We demand the U.S. government include climate disasters like drought and food insecurity as part of the asylum process. 

Resistance Everywhere! 

Whether it is massive disruption in cities or smaller actions in rural areas, at detention centers or ICE offices, banks or corporate fossil fuel/critical infrastructure companies that are profiting off of this crisis - we will join with those who are rising up! 

We call on the mainstream climate and environmental movements to take action in solidarity with these demands, especially actions that escalate and disrupt business as usual for as long as possible. For those who can and are willing – we urge you to take more risks – physically, socially and legally. Movement wisdom is growing and we are learning that ongoing, concerted mass action can bring about deep change.  

More than ever, together, we must orient ourselves and our movements towards building capacity, love, solidarity and courage, to engage in civil resistance and direct action on a scale and scope never seen before – today, this fall and for sure in 2020!

This call to action is the result of a three-month process of the XR US National Action Council that is made up of  local XR groups and in consultation with allied Indigenous Protectors.