Climate Change and migration 

Indigenous South/Central Americans

Map of South American Indigenous South/Central America [Spanish]

Indigenous land management in Central America

LGBT Migrants

[As an important side note: many Indigenous American cultures hold a special social roles for LGBT+ people, and it’s very common for people to be ‘out’ and embraced in their home communities, but encounter intense homophobia and/or transphobia when they migrate into urban areas within South/Central America. There are also non-Indigenous migrants from white, mestisx, and AfroLatinx communities who are specifically fleeing homophobic and transphobic violence in their home countries.]

Targeting of LGBT+ Migrants
Trans Migrants face transphobia from ICE

Disability and Migration

ICE raids hospitals to target ill/disabled migrants

ICE removes children with disabilities from caregivers

ICE vs U.S. Citizens

ICE detains and deports US citizens

Green card holder detained by ICE

Other recent examples

Complicit Corporations

List of Corporations supporting ICE

Amazon using consumer technology to help police

Amazon facial recognition has skin color bias

Who’s Making Money From CBP (interactive map)

Climate and Ecological Breakdown and Migration

Central American migration
Climate Change and Migration (Oxford) 

International Law

“Climate Refugees” and the Role of International Law

Climate Migrants Face a Gap in International Law

Little Sis Database - who profits

Immigration list

Climate list