Week of Action

Apr 15-22 2019

Media Coverage

'Shut the country down': British climate group Extinction Rebellion heads to US

The Guardian

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"Following a foray into New York in January, several thousand protestors will aim to cause similar mischief in dozens of US cities next week."

Climate protests this week caused major disruption. That was the point.


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"Environmental activists across the globe took drastic measures this week to demand that their governments act to curb climate change."

The climate got a little hot at Yankee Stadium

New York Post

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"Before the Yankees lost their lead and got booed Friday night, a group of protesters drew the ire of Yankee Stadium."

Protesters Scale Universal Studios Globe on Earth Day

NBC Los Angeles 4 – Video

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"Protesters have scaled the Universal Studios globe in California and are waving green flags on Earth Day Monday."

Climate Activists March on Capitol for Earth Day


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"Activists took to the State Capitol on Monday to ask lawmakers to think about their impact on the planet."

Extinction Rebellion protests in Tampa against TECO’s proposed gas plant


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"The global Extinction Rebellion actions are taking root in the Tampa Bay area as well."

Group calls for Globe to ‘take leadership in its coverage of the climate crisis’

The Boston Globe

"Dozens of environmental activists demonstrated in downtown Boston Wednesday, blocking traffic on State and Congress streets at one point, with the aim of prompting The Boston Globe to take “leadership in its coverage of the climate crisis.”"

"Extinction Rebellion" protests block London landmarks

i24NEWS – Video

"The human race isn’t immune from the causes of a sixth mass extinction"

Environmental activists hold climate change protests in NYC

NY Daily News

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"Many protestors were detained by NYPD during the non-violent protest for disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment."

NYC climate activists protest near City Hall

New York Post – Slideshow

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"People are detained while participating in a direct action with a group protest organization called Extinction Rebellion."

Extinction Rebellion stops traffic with die-in action at NYC City Hall

CNET – Slideshow

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"The crux of this morning's Extinction Rebellion protest was a die-in blocking traffic outside City Hall in NYC."

62 Arrested At NYC Climate Protest At City Hall, Police Say


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"Activists from the Extinction Rebellion's New York chapter took over streets near City Hall."

Crowd Swarms City Hall in NYC to Protest Climate Change

NBC New York – Video

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"The activists say New York should lead the way in combating climate change."

Extinction Rebellion Spreads to North America


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"There is such a cognitive dissonance in this world between those who are fighting to stop climate change with the Extinction Rebellion, and those who are actively encouraging it, like the Alberta politicians who were elected yesterday"

62 Arrested After Extinction Rebellion Stages Die-In Outside NYC City Hall to Demand Climate Action

Democracy Now!

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"Protesters shut down traffic outside New York City Hall Wednesday, partially blocking access to the Brooklyn Bridge"

Over 60 Climate Change Activists Arrested In NYC 'Die-In'


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"Over 60 protesters were arrested at a climate change demonstration near City Hall this morning."

Climate activists unfurl banner in outfield seats during Yankees game

Yahoo Sports

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"In the bottom of the third inning of Friday’s game between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees, a group of climate activists unfurled a large banner in the second deck of right field, asking New York City mayor Bill de Blasio to declare a climate emergency."

D.C.: Extinction Rebellion Stages Protest in Front of RNC

Democracy Now!

"Extinction Rebellion activists took aim at the Republican Party, protesting in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C."

UW community, Laramie residents recreate Carbon Sink art installation to protest climate change

Laramie Boomerang

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"Around 50 UW students, faculty and staff as well as members of the community attended the rally and listened to testimonies about climate change’s impact and calling for the university to act."

Extinction Rebellion Launches Intl’ Week of Action on Climate

KPFK Radio - Video

"Extinction Rebellion, born in the UK last year, uses direct action to make demands of governments."

‘We Are Burning It Up’: Protestors Block Parts Of Speer For Global Warming Movement

CBS News - Video

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"Dozens of protestors forced portions of Speer Boulevard to shut down, mostly over the Interstate 25 overpass, on Saturday."

Extinction Rebellion Shutdown Denver Streets Calling for Action on Climate Chaos


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"Extinction Rebellion Denver says that 6 people were detained and given summons for obstructing traffic."

Extinction Rebellion Activists Stage Funeral and "Die-in" at DeGette's Office, 9News


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"In solidarity with Extinction Rebellion activities in the U.K. and around the world, Denver Extinction Rebellion activists led a "Funeral Procession for the Earth" from Congresswoman Diana DeGette's office to 9News headquarters"

Extinction Rebellion Hit the Streets of Denver

KGNU News - Audio

"Rick Visser of Extinction Rebellion Denver says the actions target local government, Congress and the for profit media, which so far have not been reporting on the climate crisis."

Denver City Council "Die-In" Kicks Off Week of Climate Protests


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"As Denver City Council convened for its regular Monday meeting, about a dozen activists staged a “die-in,” donning dust masks and protest signs and lying on the floor just outside council chambers."