How You Can Fight for the Amazon

Dear Rebels,

The National Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) has called for international solidarity in response to the fires and ever-increasing threats.

Amazon Watch and Extinction Rebellion are leading a call for a Global Day of Action for the Amazon on September 5, 2019, also known as "Amazon Day." Please join us!


There are so many corporations complicit in the wilful destruction of the Amazon rainforest for profit, but BlackRock is in the top ten – and often the top five – of institutional investors holding shares in all the agribusiness giants that are publicly traded, as well as being the world’s largest holder of shares in the companies most responsible for climate change (quoted from the report below), while the CEO, Larry Fink, is claiming to support the Paris Agreement!
Please read Amazon Watch’s incredibly detailed full report.

Not to mention BlackRock’s defending their ‘responsibility' to offer their clients all types of investment opportunities in face of accusations from Amazon Watch.

There are 70 BlackRock offices in 30 countries. Please check whether there is an office in your country.

Any nonviolent, direct action idea is welcome! One idea is Paint the Streets.

It would also be great to bombard their phone, email and social media demanding a response to their direct involvement in deforestation of the Amazon, or with quotes, poems, photos like “Blood is on your hands” (especially on social media) to perhaps get some of their staff and/or investors to question these investments made.

This is also a way to involve a much larger group of people in the action. For this action to be really successful, if each person involved managed to get another 10 people to do it and so on, it could have a huge impact.

Here are their social media contacts:


This is the head office:
55E 52nd St 10022 New York
+1 800-882-0052

Find the phone numbers and emails for each office.

If your team has contacts with the media? It would be good to contact these three:

  • Brian Beadese
    Head of Americas
    Office: +1 212 810 5596

  • Rowena Kwok
    Head of Asia Pacific Office
    +852 3903 2913

  • Ryan O’Keeffe
    Head of EMEA Office
    +44 207 743 1310

If you are organizing a national or local action, don’t forget to add it to show your support of this Global Day of Action.

With love and rage 💚✊🏼