Extinction Rebellion NYC needs your support!

Burnout. Conflict. Miscommunication and misunderstanding. As if organizing for social justice weren’t difficult enough, interpersonal conflict and lack of self-care can seriously hinder the efficiency and quality of the work. Sometimes, group dynamics can become so toxic that we can lose sight of our vision for a more just, equitable, and loving world.

No organization, including Extinction Rebellion NYC, is immune to these challenges. The excitement of a new and growing movement can quickly fade and, in order to thrive, commitment, integrity, and resilience must arise. That means we have to know how to take care of ourselves and each other.

We need your help to send five of our members to a Relational Uprising training in order to gain the skills necessary to implement relationship building techniques into our movement. Relational Uprising is a leader in helping to build resilient, interdependent, and relational culture within communities working for social change. This is integral to XR's ongoing commitment to regenerative culture within our movement.

The Relational Uprising training will specifically help XR NYC to:

  • strengthen the decentralized decision-making process within XR NYC by ensuring that more voices are heard in a constructive way.

  • build trust and a culture of dependable relationships within working groups and lead coordinators.  

  • create channels of communication in order to de-escalate internal conflict by constructively and compassionately airing and addressing grievances within the movement community.

  • design organizational structure to welcome and integrate new members.

  • offer specific exercises that build regenerative culture initiatives, such as the weekly support group, Extinction Recovery.

  • create a culture that supports the entire movement in being more adaptable and resilient in the face of new information, demands, and needs.

No movement can survive without a network of support. Will you chip in to help XR get to this transformative training? Even $5 or $10 will go a long way! We need $2100 total!