Extinction Rebellion NYC


Join EXTINCTION rebellion NYC for 2 Major events This week

June 22nd & June 24th


Saturday, June 22nd 12pm

The Fountain at Bryant Park

More info here & Read our Media Demands Here

Gather in Bryant Park at 12 NOON. Check in near the fountain on the west side of the park & join facilitated conversations with your fellow rebels in preparation for our 1PM ACTION. Look for the XR flags. Get ready to chant & march!!



Monday, June 24nd 12pm - The Steps of NYC CIty Hall

More info here

NYC: It’s time to #TellTheTruth and declare a climate emergency!

Join us at City Hall in support of a City Council Resolution declaring a climate emergency in NYC. This resolution is a vital first step toward confronting the hard truth of the climate crisis and speeding up New York City’s transition to an equitable, renewable economy. We can’t solve the problem if we don’t call it like it is: a life or death emergency of unprecedented proportions.

We will rally outside at 12:00 pm and then at 1:00 pm, the City Council will be hold a hearing on the resolution.

JOIN US and bring a friend.

62 Rebels arrested in NYC demanding CLimate Emergency Declaration at NYC City Hall

Thank you to all the Rebels who came out to demand the NYC government declare a Climate Emergency. We are making history with people all around the world as we take action in the face of climate change. We have more events planned for this week, so come and take part in the Rebellion! Go to facebook for more pictures.

In NYC on Wednesday April 17th, hundreds rallied at City Hall, took part in Citizen Assemblies, and wrote their messages on the sidewalk to the NYC government. 60 Climate Rebels took over the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge, shutting it down for over 45 minutes, as 2 Rebels scaled the traffic lights and hung a banner to demand NYC declare a Climate Emergency. All 62 were arrested and have been released with court dates set for June.

Read more about it in GothamistDemocracy Now!mediasanctuary.orgCNETDaily NewsCBS NY.

From the BBC: Extinction Rebellion: What do they want and is it realistic?

What you can do to help: 

ATTEND our upcoming events

GIVE to the Rebellion Fund!

TELL all your friends and families!

SHARE our events on Social Media! XR NYC Facebook - XR NYC Twitter - XR NYC Instagram

GET IN TOUCH - Want to get more involved and have time to give? Email us

SPEAK THE TRUTH: In every conversation, every political action, every demand you make, tell the truth about the climate crisis. Don’t settle for anything less than zero emissions by 2025.




Participating in XR NYC actions?

PLEASE READ and adhere to Action Commitments when participating in XR NYC actions: XRR.NYC/Commitments

Some Know Your Rights Information: XRR.NYC/KYR

If you are planning on risking arrest please fill out the Jail support form: XRR.NYC/JS.
If you do not want to digitally signup on the day of the action please bring this information clearly written on paper on the day of the action!