Join an XRDC Affinity GROUP

As Extinction Rebellion DC membership starts reaching into the hundreds and thousands, we will be forming into affinity groups in order to keep ourselves organized. An affinity group is an autonomous collection of 5-20 people coming together to take direct action. These groups will be the core units of our mass mobilizations going forward, especially on September 23.

We recommend that all XR members join an affinity group. It makes our lives much easier as we try to keep track of many many humans, and it will make your life better when you take action surrounded by people you know instead of by a bunch of strangers. It doesn't really matter which affinity group you're in, as long as you join one.

This form is for people would like to join an existing affinity group. Fill out the form below to select which affinity group you're most interested in joining. We currently have 9 affinity groups within XRDC:

  • XR Yoga - lovers of bodily movements. Keen to have a yoga class in the street.

  • XR Vegans - people who eschew all animal-based food. Keen to provide sustenance for action takers.

  • XR Atlantis - people who love all things water-related, especially nautical transportation. Join this group if you're considering risking arrest on September 23.

  • XR Ecotopians - people working to create the ideal green society of the future. From the depths of the climate crisis, a joyous rebellion is rising!

  • XR Dance Music - people who thrive in nightclub environments. Keen to bring dance music to street blockades during morning rush hour.

  • XR Fire Bears - people symbolically representing the polar bears whose world is currently on fire. May be accompanied by a brass band.

  • XR Percussion - people interested in providing rhythmic accompaniment to our street blockades.

  • XR NW DC - people who live in Northwest DC.

  • XR Northern Virginia - people who live in Northern Virginia.

  • XR Montgomery County - people who live in Montgomery County.

  • XR Baltimore - people who live in Baltimore.

  • XR University of Maryland - students at the University of Maryland.

  • XR Mountain State - people traveling into DC from West Virginia for the September 23 action. Join this AG to stand in solidarity with frontline communities fighting pipeline expansion.

After filling out this form, someone from the affinity group you selected will reach out to you to get you plugged in. Make sure you have downloaded the encrypted messaging application called Signal.

All affinity groups must agree to abide by the demands and principles of XRUS.

Have an idea for an affinity group or an action you want to take during our mass mobilizations, but don't see it listed? Consider forming your own affinity group! Check out this document for more information.

You can find more info on affinity groups here.