Fill out this form to specify how you want to get involved with XRDC and let us know a little bit more about yourself. Feel free to share as much or as little as you like. Then, a working group coordinator will be in contact to get you plugged in!

XRDC is divided up into working groups focused on specific subject areas. Those working groups are explained here:

  • Action and Logistics: Works to develop overall XRDC strategy, manages preparation for and execution of direct actions

  • Outreach and Onboarding: Runs outreach events such as XR talks and tabling, develops relationships with other groups, oversees the process of adding new volunteers

  • Media and Messaging: Manages XRDC social media accounts, handles traditional media during action preparation and execution, maintains XRDC website

  • Finance: Oversees budgetary process for XRDC, bottomlines fundraising (online and in-person)

  • Art: Develops graphics for use by XRDC, including posters and online images, and builds art for direct actions

  • Regenerative Culture: Works to maintain healthy group dynamics by fostering relationship-building, self-care, and overseeing conflict resilience